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Anonymous Privacy Surfing

Included in Privacy Fusion is the Anonymous Privacy Surfing Experience.

This utility enhances your online privacy by hiding your real IP (Internet address) and your actual location. Giving you virtually a 'invisible' identity on the Internet!

Your IP is what gives you the unique identity of your computer on the Internet. A huge risk for your Internet Privacy!

Surf the Internet with 100% Privacy! So easy to use, even beginners can start surfing anonymously with just one click!

Why would you need Privacy Surfing?
  • Visit private websites? - Ensure full privacy while surfing the internet!
  • Hide your computer system from hackers and spammers.
  • Can speed up the internet browsing by caching and directly supplying frequently requested data.
  • Surf the Web at work? Most companies monitor their employees surfing habits.
  • Protect your personal information, online financial activities and credit card numbers.
Many web sites you visit try to collect data about you as much as they can (your IP address, city, ISP) – this information is then exchanged between advertisers so that they can better target their promotional campaigns and literally track you on the Internet. Privacy Surfing privatizes your personal data and ensures completely anonoymity!

And whenever you want your “old” identity back – for example to log on to a banking site or for online shopping – a single mouse click restores your real, easily traceable identity.

FeaturesPrivacy Fusion Privacy Surfing
Excecutive Features!
One Touch Privacy Surfing
Automatic Protection - automatically starts when you turn ON your PC and works silently in the background
Full control over locations of servers
Enhanced privacy option - Auto change the proxy server used after a specified time interval.
Free Updates of database for life!
Full Privacy Surfing Experience!

Privacy Surfing manages all aspects of your anonymous browsing: it will automatically download a list of anonymous proxy servers from the central Anonymous Server Database and then choose the fastest server for your connection. As you enjoy your new Net identity (or rather the lack of it), Privacy Surfing will keep searching for new or faster servers in the background, continuously optimizing your connection speed for best surfing experience (you can override its choice at any time)

The Privacy Fusion Anonymous Server Database is regularly updated and lists the most secure/fastest anonymous servers and the countries they are based in: you can choose to appear to any web site as a visitor from virtually anywhere.

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