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Advanced Privacy Toolkit
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Advanced Privacy Toolkit

Included in Privacy Fusion is the Advanced Privacy Toolkit.

This toolkit helps you maintain your privacy by cleaning up ALL TRACES of your Internet and PC activities.

Erase all your tracks with our Privacy Toolkit!

The Privacy Toolkit lets you do routine tasks to maintain your privacy like cleaning up the AutoComplete & IE histories, deleting Temp & temporary internet files, managing cookies, clearing the lists of recently used files, and a lot more - all from one location.

You can use this to clear up the Windows Run, Find Files, Search Text, Media Player Recent File and URL list menus. In addition it lets you disable AutoComplete & AutoSuggest options. There is an option to configure the Windows Media Player not to display the list of recently accessed files.

You can choose some or all of the tasks you want to perform automatically each time you log off.

FeaturesPrivacy Fusion Privacy Toolkit
Excecutive Features!
Hide Toolkit completely
Auto clean IE activities after every few minutes
Custom HotKeys
View Network Connections
View files and folders shared on a network
IE Plugin Analyzer
Deletes index.dat files!
Ensure that NO data-recovery tools can recover cleaned options!
Internet Explorer's Tracks
Delete Temporary Internet Files
Remove all Selected Cookies
Clean IE History
Clean All Typed URLs
Clean Forms and Password History
Remove all Favorites list
Netscape's Tracks
Clean Cache
Clean Netscape History
Clean Location Bar entries
Cookie Management
Window's Tracks
Clean Windows Temporary Folders
Clean Windows Run Menu
Clean Windows Recent Documents
Clean Find Files and Text Search
Clean Media Player Recent File and URL list
Clean WordPad and MS Paint Recent File Listing
Clean Forms and Password History
Remove all Favorites list
Microsoft Office tracks
Clean MS Access Recent File Listing
Clean MS Excel Recent File Listing
Clean MS FrontPage Recent File Listing
Clean MS Power Point Recent File Listing
Clean MS Word Recent File Listing
Securely remove contents of custom folder
Full-Featured Configurations!
Auto Clean on Log off
Disable AutoComplete and AutoSuggest
Disable Media Player List

Protect your privacy!

Your Windows PC and IE/Netscape Browser have several helpful features that help make your computing experience easier. Windows lists the recently viewed files so that you can re-access them easily. To make your Internet experience more convenient, Internet Explorer prompts you with previously used entries while you fill a form online. It remembers previously visited websites and displays them all on a drop down menu each time you try to type something new in the address bar.

But the price you pay for these features is a complete lack of privacy. Anybody who has access to your computer can pry into what you were doing both on your system and online.

The documents you worked on, the images you viewed, the applications you used, the websites you visited, even the files or text you searched for all these details are exposed for any one interested enough.

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